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Do you work with hazardous substances? In that case, too, with Unibouw you have come to the right place for building the best business accommodation. Unibouw specialises in translating wishes and requirements. We are your sparring partner, helping you, the entrepreneur, to comply with the right laws and regulations with custom-made business premises. 

Legislation and regulations

According to the ADR, you have to categorise hazardous substances and goods according to the properties of each product. The specific requirements of the PGS15 directive for the storage of hazardous substances in the sphere of fire, work and environmental safety are known to us. When building, we consider such things as division into fire compartments, sprinkler and extinguisher management, steel construction, complete concrete construction, fire-resistant cladding and, if applicable, an extra space where samples can be taken and temperature-controlled zones.

Optimal design

Unibouw designs the business premises, as it were, around the product and the processes. How does the production process proceed? How do the logistical lines run? From here, we look for ways to design and streamline the premises from the inside out. The earlier we are involved, the better the design is geared to the process.


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